When planning a wedding here at Sand Springs we use a lot of wedding related lingo that many people might not know and it’s okay! We came up with 21 words that you will definitely hear when booking a wedding at Sand Springs.

garden sign

1. Gardens at Sand Springs- This is what we named out pavilion where ceremony and cocktail hour take place ( check out our last blog post)

celebrations entrance

2. Celebrations- This is the name of our ballroom

5.9.15 mcr 17

3. Sweet heart table- when the bride and groom have their own  table at the reception

5.16.15 shultz 5

4. head table- when the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen sit at the same table. Usually its one long table

4.18.15 megan and paul 3

5.Escort cards- tells what table you are sitting at

6. Seating cards- tells what seat you are sitting in at the table

5.29.15 wedding ceremony

7. Ceremony- is where the bride and groom say their I DOs!

 4.25.15 Frick wedding


8. Reception- where dinner and dancing happen

gardens at sand springs 7

9. Cocktail hour- is the hour between the ceremony and reception


10. Hors d’oeuvres- hot bite sized foods that are butlered around to your guest.

5.9.15 mcr 7

11.memorial table- this is a popular trend going on lately, it is to honor the loved ones who have passed away and couldn’t make it to the wedding

5.9.15 mcr photobooth

12.vendors- Are the people you hire for the following  DJ, photographer, photo booth, flowers, videographer, etc.

13.family style- is when you have dishes of food that you pass around the table

NY Strip steak

14. plated meal- when our staff serves you your meal

combination 2

15.combo platter- the bride and groom pick a few choices and you get a little of each choice

16.open bar- the drinks are all paid for in advance with a bar package. The host pays a flat rate fee and guests can drink as much as they want at no charge.


17.cash bar- when the guest pays for their own alcohol

18. tab bar- when the guests don’t pay for their drinks but the host does at the end of the night

sweetheart table 2

19.swags- used to decorate the pergolas, tables or whatever you want swags on (also called “drapings”)

garden alter

20.pergola- they are the wooden structures that are located in our gardens and patio locations

21. send off station- this is a station for food that goes out closer to the end of the wedding. You can have hoagies, baked goods, fruit, pretzels and more. Just something small for the ride home!

We hope this helps you understand more when booking your wedding!

For more information on weddings at Sand Springs, call Staci at 570-788-5845 ext. 3 or visit our website at www.sandspringsgolf.com